WWE Payback (2013)

Payback's a B****!
Action / Drama • 180 minutes  7/10
Starring: John Cena Ryan Reeves Phillip Jack Brooks Chris Irvine Nick Nemeth Alberto Rodriguez Mike Mizanin Glenn Jacobs and others.
Released • June 16, 2013

For rivals John Cena and Ryback, payback will come in the form of hell – 3 Stages of Hell! Will the ravenous challenger send the Champ for an ambulance ride, or will John Cena escape hell with his WWE Championship? Plus, Dolph Ziggler is back to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the man he won it from, Alberto Del Rio. And for the first time since WrestleMania, CM Punk is in action, but Chris Jericho wants to spoil the self-proclaimed Best in the World’s Chicago homecoming. Superstars collide and seek retribution as WWE presents, for the first time ever, WWE Payback.

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