Not Guilty (2019)

Action / Drama • 78 minutes
Starring: Akhmed Khamurzov Timur Ketenchiev Zhanna Tkhashugoeva Tatyana Drozhzhina Kantemir Shipshev Artur Proskurin Kanshoubi Khashev Zamir Dyshekov and others.
Released • November 7, 2019

This movie is about love and hatred, about the fact that the racial-tribal division of mankind, the division between 'us' and 'them' as an animal-instinctive phenomenon, should disappear. It is about the conflict between conscience and duty, honor and a tragic situation, from which everyone is seeking a way out, except for ... the "village idiot' Halois, the childhood friend of Aitech ... And maybe only people like him know the truth, people who are above religious and racial prejudices? Maybe people like Halois are our conscience, honor and dignity?

A.K.A. DE: Невиновен  ES: Невиновен  FR: Невиновен  PT: Невиновен  RU: Невиновен