Another Woman (2019)

Comedy • 92 minutes
Starring: Anna Mikhalkova Anton Filipenko Svetlana Kamynina Maksim Lagashkin Fyodor Lavrov Anna Rytsareva Nadezhda Markina Sergey Rost and others.
Director: Anna Parmas Screenplay: Anna Parmas Elizaveta Tikhonova Mariya Shulgina Director of Photography: Levan Kapanadze Producer: Konstantin Ernst Natalya Drozd Sergey Selyanov Editor: Yuliya Batalova Original Music Composer: Igor Vdovin
Released • November 21, 2019

The film’s heroine is the gynaecologist Masha, whose husband leaves her. When a man leaves his wife, he carries away all her hopes for a future. Of course, it would be noble to let the husband go, but Masha is a strong woman and begins a desperate struggle for her infidel husband Misha. The power is unequal. Masha is already well in her thirties, while the fitness-trainer Oksana is just over twenty. But behind Masha stand a great experience of life and two small children. In this situation she is ready to use the entire arsenal available, including extraterrestrial forces. The young…

A.K.A. DE: Давай разведемся  ES: Давай разведемся  FR: Давай разведемся  PT: Давай разведемся  RU: Давай разведемся!  US: Let's Get Divorced