Great Poetry (2019)

Drama • 120 minutes
Starring: Sevastyan Bugaev and others.
Released • November 28, 2019

“Great Poetry” is about two guys who live on the outskirts of Moscow and work as cash collectors. They’re young, lonely, and all they have in the world is each other. They spend their lives moving money for other people. They attend a poetry class at the local cultural center and watch cockfights at a dorm for migrant workers. Their attempts at finding poetry in the prosaic world around lead them to the conclusion that the only poetic move they can make is to rob a bank. The film isn’t about words or rhymes. It’s about friendship and betrayal, and about our vicious and alien world in…

A.K.A. DE: Большая поэзия  ES: Большая поэзия  FR: Большая поэзия  KR: 위대한 시  PL: Wielka Poezja  PT: Большая поэзия  RU: Большая поэзия