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1.Raat Akeli Hai (2020)
Released • July 31, 2020 • Crime / Mystery / Thriller
When a newly married landlord is murdered, a misfit cop’s investigation is complicated by the victim’s secretive family and his own conflicted heart.
2.Offering to the Storm (2020)
Released • July 24, 2020 • Crime / Thriller
Inspector Amaia Salazar confronts the origins of her nightmares as she unfolds the darkest secrets of the Baztan valley. Part 3 in the Baztan Trilogy.
3.Schemers (2020)
Released • July 23, 2020 • Comedy / Crime / Drama
Set in late-1970's Dundee, Schemers is based on writer-producer David McLean’s early years in the music business. After a run in with a local gangster, a fledgling promoter and his two friends...
4.The Silencing (2020)
Released • July 18, 2020 • Action / Crime / Thriller
A reformed hunter becomes involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he and the local sheriff set out to track a vicious killer who may have kidnapped his daughter years ago.
5.Arkansas (2020)
Released • July 16, 2020 • Crime / Drama / Thriller
Kyle and Swin live by the orders of an Arkansas-based drug kingpin named Frog, whom they've never met. But when a deal goes horribly wrong, the consequences are deadly.
6.Psych 2: Lassie Come Home (2020)
Released • July 15, 2020 • Action / Comedy / Crime
After Santa Barbara Police Chief Carlton Lassiter is ambushed and left for dead, Shawn and Gus return to help him and find themselves embroiled in a case involving the personal, the...
7.Target Number One (2020)
Released • July 10, 2020 • Crime / Thriller
Ex heroin junkie, Daniel Léger, gets involved in a drug deal with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. When the deal goes sour, Daniel gets thrown into a Thai prison and slapped with a 100-year...
8.Capone (2020)
Released • July 10, 2020 • Crime / Drama
The 47-year old Al Capone, after 10 years in prison, starts suffering from dementia and comes to be haunted by his violent past.
9.1 Interrogation (2020)
Released • June 25, 2020 • Crime
Detective Bill Daniels has spent the last 40 years in the interrogation unit. Some are criminals, some are victims. Faced with the truth, some lie, some are defiant and some find redemption.
10.Penguin (2020)
Released • June 19, 2020 • Crime / Mystery / Thriller
It is a spine chilling tale of a pregnant mother who sets out on a dangerous mission to unravel a mystery and save her loved ones.
11.Lost Bullet (2020)
Released • June 19, 2020 • Action / Crime / Thriller
A small time delinquent, turned police mechanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his mentor is killed by dirty cops.
12.Infamous (2020)
Released • June 12, 2020 • Crime / Drama / Thriller
Two young lovers rob their way across the southland, posting their exploits to social media, and gaining fame and followers as a result.
13.Innocence (2020)
Released • June 10, 2020 • Crime / Drama
Tells the story of a lawyer named Jung In trying to prove her mother’s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor. Her mother, Hwa Ja was accused of...
14.Easy Does It (2020)
Released • June 5, 2020 • Action / Comedy / Crime
When best friends, Jack and Scottie, get a once in a lifetime shot at hidden loot, they take off on a cross-country adventure turned crime spree. With a whiny accidental hostage in tow, and a...
15.Choked: Paisa Bolta Hai (2020)
Released • June 5, 2020 • Crime / Drama / Thriller
A bank employee weighed down by her jobless husband's debts - and her own broken dreams - finds a secret source of seemingly unlimited cash in her home.
16.The Last Days of American Crime (2020)
Released • June 5, 2020 • Action / Crime / Thriller
In the not-too-distant future, as a final response to crime and terrorism, the U.S. government plans to broadcast a signal that will make it impossible for anyone to knowingly break the law.
17.Debt Collectors (2020)
Released • May 29, 2020 • Action / Comedy / Crime
A pair of debt collectors are thrust into an explosively dangerous situation, chasing down various lowlifes while also evading a vengeful kingpin.
18.Intuition (2020)
Released • May 28, 2020 • Crime / Thriller
Police officer Pipa works on her first big case while simultaneously investigating her boss, who is suspected of murder. The prequel to "Perdida".
19.Crime Solving Special Squad (2020)
Released • May 28, 2020 • Action / Crime
There is an unprecedented “Special Squad”, commissioned to solve the unsolved incidents that even the police can’t handle. Those who have raided the underage prostitution case will be commissioned...